Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Deal with Limited Space

Today, we will take you to see some storage ideas for small bedrooms you will find truly appealing, especially if you are currently looking for ones for your room. These small bedroom storage ideas will help you creating uncluttered interior without sacrificing the needs for storage units in the room. Unlike conventional bedroom storages which may result in bulky and cramped feel, these ones are designated specially to overcome the problem regarding limited available space.

Even though we are not going to show you storage ideas for small closets, these storage ideas are still worthy to try anyway. Let’s start from this cool small bedroom storage idea for kid’s room. As you can see, the bed is perfectly placed atop a bunk bed which available space underneath is utilized for storage units. Open shelving unit and drawers for your child’s clothes, books, or toys are there. Well, if you are short in horizontal space, why don’t you build vertically instead?

Who says bedroom storage solution is only highly necessary for a small boudoir? Even if the room is considerably large, you may not want to add extra bulky cabinet. If this is what you are dealing with currently, try to maximize the empty space under the bed. Add a couple of baskets to help sorting things in more organized manner—label each basket will be highly recommended. Even so, we recommend you to opt for baskets with lids instead so the items stored inside will not get dusty easily.

One way to build the bedroom storage vertically is to install wall shelving units. Well, just take a look at this small bedroom interior that utilizes not only drawers underneath the daybed, but also cool floating shelving unit for books. The wall-mounted shelf, on the other hand, can be one of storage ideas for small bedroom closets worth to try as well, right?

Gallery of Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Deal with Limited Space