Stone Veneer Fireplace Offering Warmer Atmosphere

Stone fireplace is identical to traditional home, but these pictures will let us know that for both traditional and modern homes, stone veneer fireplace can be involved. Of course, as the main function, it provides warm and comfortable atmosphere fulfilling the entire room or area. It also supports both interior and exterior home decoration. There are some differences of the stone fireplace for traditional and modern homes.

Rough touches are suitable to meet the traditional home. Some stone veneer fireplace design show the rough arrangement of the fireplace surround that is completed with stone materials. Sleek carved mantel is made of wood and added to complete the fireplace feature. For a rustic look, the mantel can be made of a log. The log completes the rough texture of the fireplace. Different with the sleek mantel, the log can be without any decorative items to be displayed because the log itself has already presented a stunning decor.

For the modern home, sleek stone fireplace is required. The stone fireplace surround must be in a flawless design. It can be in a short size and ended with the mantel, but it can also be in a floor to ceiling design. The mantel can be made from stone, or can also be made from wooden material. Glossy polished wooden mantel looks imposing for a simple image but presenting certain accent by painting the mantel in pure black coloring will also be a nice idea.

Completing the fireplace, to create the focal point of the room, you can display some decorative items on the fireplace mantel. The items can include candles, pictures, photos, flowers, wall mirror, etc. With the items smartly blended with the stone feature, as you can see at the stone veneer fireplace pictures in the following, the presentation will be perfectly undeniable

Gallery of Stone Veneer Fireplace Offering Warmer Atmosphere