Stone Fireplace Mantels with Chic Appearance

The stone fireplace mantels have a good function as the protective layer for the fireplace. You should add this as the good decorating element on your fireplace. It brings the beautiful design with its impressive nuance. Adding the additional mantels on the fireplace will make the cozy room interior with the neat impression. Of course, it must be a cool idea on having this feature on your home. You can gain the warm nuance in a good style. Lets take a look on several room designs with the additional mantels for the stone fireplace. Explore these pictures with the detail view so you can grab it as the new inspirations for you.

This classic room design has beautiful fireplace layout using the natural stone fireplace mantels. It provides the good room design with the nice layout on there. Remember that you should pick this style if you want to get catchy interior design. This beautiful room design has cozy design with the compact furniture arrangement. It has natural nuance with the beautiful layout. Of course, this style is a good theme that will enhance the room interior in such a nice setting. Look at the other fireplaces designs. The additional ornament using the same vintage design gains the impressive room theme.

This room has unique design using the combined theme. The flat LCD screen is placed on the top of this fireplace. It seems like a good mixed theme with the impressive appearance. It looks fabulous with the extravagant design. The contemporary design on the nature layer will bring some unique room appearance. Follow this style if you want to get the anti-mainstream room theme. It enhances the luxurious design in a beautiful setting. Well, hope you get new inspiring ideas from these examples. Some natural stone fireplace mantel shelves are available for gaining the warm nuance on your room.

Gallery of Stone Fireplace Mantels with Chic Appearance