Small Swimming Pools Designed in Modern Concept

Guys, do you have a swimming pool at home? Do you know what the function of the swimming pool is? Generally, swimming pool is constructed to be a good area for working out at home. This water spot can be designed inside or outside of the house. Ideally, the pool is established in long rectangular shape to accommodate the user for swimming back and forth. Unfortunately, small swimming pools cannot do the same thing as the bigger pool above. Because of the narrowed pool dimension, the small pool is commonly only built in square or round shape. As the result, the user of the pool only can soak in the pool as like in the Jacuzzi.

There are several small swimming pools ideas shown with this article. Perhaps, you can get an inspiration to build your own tiny swimming pool in your house. Let’s look at the first picture then. It is a stylish room which is designed as like a sun room with many windows installed on one of the wall sides. Some pots of green plant are placed near to the windows to give some refreshing air in this indoor pool area. Medium swimming pool is made in in-ground version with wooden floor surrounding the pool. Several rattan chairs with floral cushions are placed closely to the wall overlooking the pool for chatting.

Tinier swimming pool is also constructed outside modern two-storey house. In modern style, the small swimming pools for sale are built in semi above-ground concept with wooden liner installed along the pool edge. Neat green lawn looks as like super wide green carpet on the outer side of the pool to hit the warm cream concrete flooring located on the inner side. A small palm tree is growing next to the small rectangular pool to give exotic effect in this family relaxing area.

Gallery of Small Swimming Pools Designed in Modern Concept