Studio Apartment Design with Glamorous Interior

If you have the studio apartment design with its old look, then you should make new refreshment by remodeling its interior. This post will share the inspiration on having the modern apartment with its chic appearance. The studio apartment usually has the open concept room. It means that it has Read more

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Deal with Limited Space

Today, we will take you to see some storage ideas for small bedrooms you will find truly appealing, especially if you are currently looking for ones for your room. These small bedroom storage ideas will help you creating uncluttered interior without sacrificing the needs for storage units in the room. Read more

Stone Veneer Fireplace Offering Warmer Atmosphere

Stone fireplace is identical to traditional home, but these pictures will let us know that for both traditional and modern homes, stone veneer fireplace can be involved. Of course, as the main function, it provides warm and comfortable atmosphere fulfilling the entire room or area. It also supports both interior Read more

Stone Fireplace Surround Wrapping Interior in Warm Nuance

The stone fireplace surround enhances the warm situation on your home. You can get this style for gaining the classic and vintage appearance on your home. The stone texture on its material brings the nature theme with the impressive style. It must be a cool room theme with the compact Read more

Stone Fireplace Mantels with Chic Appearance

The stone fireplace mantels have a good function as the protective layer for the fireplace. You should add this as the good decorating element on your fireplace. It brings the beautiful design with its impressive nuance. Adding the additional mantels on the fireplace will make the cozy room interior with Read more

Stone Fireplace Designs for Absolute Cozy and Warm Atmosphere

Rustic theme is always associated with natural theme. To complete the rustic theme in an interior, stone fireplace designs are getting involved in filling the interior. Natural color requires interior theme in the similar concept. Stone fireplace is often used in wooden cabin or country house to create the warmth Read more

Stone Coffee Table to Complete Contemporary Living Room Decor

Dont think that stone coffee table will not be suitable for contemporary living room furnishing and decoration. Most of stone furniture is in rough design and suitable for a traditional and rustic themed interior. It seems to be not matching the need of sleek furnishing of contemporary home. In fact, Read more

Standard Garage Door Sizes for Ergonomic Car Storage

This post will tell you about the standard garage door sizes that might be good reference for you who plan the new garage on your home. The garage usually should have the 15% size of the main building size. This is not a fixed standard, which is usually depending on Read more

Stamped Concrete Patio for Patio Flooring Style with Many Benefits

Many of you may think why we should choose stamped concrete patio as the patio style. The answer is not really far from the practicality and the environment friendly, although there are so many reasons that support these concrete patio settings are known with high durability and easy maintenance. Wooden Read more

Square Dining Table with 4 to 8 Seats Completing Dining Room

A decision whether selecting rectangular, rounded, oval or square dining table will be based on the available space. Besides, the architectural design of the dining room will also influence the decision. If you have a rectangular room, you can select the rectangular table. If you have curved room, you may Read more